Glückskäfer Building Slats "Tower" 60-parts
Glückskäfer Building Slats "Tower" 60-parts

Glückskäfer Building Slats "Tower" 60-parts

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Description: This is a box of brightly coloured slats for endless building and construction play or a family game of “Jenga”. It could also be used for unlimited creative play in different play settings for instance a garage for cars, a stable for horses or a fence for a zoo setup. The colours are so vivid, and the possibilities for open ended play and games with so many colourful slats is endless.


Children and adults alike will enjoy building towers with these 60 colourful wooden slats before removing them one at a time - see how many you can take out before the tower topples. Or how about making patterns and combining with other wooden blocks to make colourful buildings and cities.
This set comes in a handcrafted wooden storage box. The blocks are ethically made from solid FSC wood and treated with oil-based plant pigments and natural colours which allow the natural features and grain of the wood to show through.

Material: solid FSC certified European wood
Product size: 22cm x 11cm x 10cm (box), 9cm x 3cm x 1cm (block)
Suitable for age 2+
Made in Germany