Three Wood Shop Rainbow Tracing Board

Three Wood Shop Rainbow Tracing Board

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Brand: Three Wood Shop

Meet our new wooden product - rainbow tracing board.

For playing and learning kids. On this board you can see numbers from 1 to 10. Kids can learn counting with this board and play with woolen balls, marbles, seeds, nuts, peas etc.

How to use?

The child leads with a wooden stick or finger along the rainbow arcs or takes marbles (balls) and inserts it at the beginning of the rainbow, passes the arcs from 1 to 10.

Also child can plays with woolen balls, put different colours balls into arcs of rainbow board.

Also you can use this board like balance toy, child rolls marbles (balls) without hands around the rainbow arcs holding the board around the edges, as if balancing. 

Includes 2 sticks and 2 marbles.

Made from oak. Covered with natural oil.

Width- 20cm, length - 36 cm(7.9*14.7 inches).
Thickness -1.8 cm (0.7 ")